Friday, March 17, 2006

More than 24 Hours a Day; If Only I Could Bill for It

With the proliferation of media, we are not far from the overdose level. Before, we could take the 24 hours in a day and divide them by usage: 8 for sleeping, 9 for working, 2 for commuting, 4 for consuming media, 1 hour for things we can't mention since this is a family-friendly blog, etc. With the advent of media multi-consumption, we can listen to our iPod while surfing the web with the TV on in the background as a truck with an advertising banner passes by our window. Therefore, we can consume an infinite amount of media during our 24 hours. There was a citation in the media recently that teenagers have effectively created a 38-hour day due to multi-consumption.

That would seem to be good news for marketers - more consumption of media usually means more opportunities for advertisers. Unfortunately for programmers and advertisers, most of it will be background noise of no greater impact than the hissing of my radiator. Engagement is becoming more important; that's probably important since our engagement seems to be going down.