Monday, March 20, 2006

The Future Has Arrived: Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband

There are two things that people often forget when discussing a phenomenon: 1. What is see is not what you get. Any incarnation of a new idea is nothing more than version 1.0. Anyone smart will build on it, improve it, and eventually morph it into something that may not resemble the original at all. 2. There is most likely an endgame. Eventually, the rate of change decelerates, and we have reached the final stage of the product's evolution.

Take telecommunications. We started with writing on rocks, developed mail service, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph which sent encoded electronic signals, Bell turned those signals into voice, we now send data over those wires, etc., etc. There is continual evolution - phone lines carry DSL where once they were thought incapable of anything more than 56k. Cable provides even greater bandwidth.

But the market is eventually driven by customer needs. Portability is a big part of connectivity; not just annoyance with wires and having to rip up my house if I want to rewire. Think about where this will lead us - we can high-speed connectivity; we want portability, i.e., ubiquity. Wireless broadband.

The Wall St. Journal reported today that a system in Oklahoma is installing wireless: TV The next step: the endgame of connectivity.