Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Always Expecting More from My Technology

The phone function on my Palm Pre Plus (with which I am very happy, by the way) keeps track of my phone calls in reverse chronological order. This is often very handy as it allows me to review the calls that I have recently made, since I am keeping a separate phone log (I know, not terrifically efficient) in an Excel spreadsheet.

It would be lovely (not to mention more efficient) if I could also search in the reverse fashion – find a person in my contact list, then get the list of phone calls I have made to them. The contact list feeds the phone log; why can’t the phone log feed the contact list?

Instead, I have to scroll through the phone log on my Palm, saying to myself, “I know I called Santa Claus last week – why can’t I find the call so I can pin down the date of the call and make a note to myself to call him again before Christmas gets much closer?”

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visceral Media Launches's "Online Video Plus" for the PR/Marketing Industries

Cutting-edge technology makes online videos more engaging and easier to view

White Plains, NY, July 14. Visceral Media, LLC announced today that it is implementing the Online Video Plus platform from for its video production and distribution services. Visceral Media, the strategic communications firm launched in 2006 by broadcast and PR veteran Lidj Lewis, is using Online Video Plus to enhance its clients’ videos as part of its integrated content distribution offerings. Visceral’s clients range from prominent corporations and their PR agencies to non-profit organizations, including the National Black MBA Association’s Westchester/Greater CT Chapter, which recognized Lewis as its 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Online Video Plus from enables content owners to create an interactive table of contents for their online videos. Each item in the table of contents is a “deep tag” that, when clicked, takes the viewer instantly to that section of the video. Viewers therefore can preview the contents of the video before they start watching, and they can go directly to the sections of the video that interest them the most. They can also review sections of the video simply by clicking on the tags without having to use the less accurate video slider bar. A more complete explanation, including the Visceral Media event video below, can be seen here.

“We are very excited to have Visceral Media as our first marketing partner in the public relations industry,” said Victor Lee, CEO of, the company behind Online Video Plus. “Lidj and I worked together at Medialink,” Lee said, “so I know that Lidj is always looking for innovative media solutions. He pioneered radio and Internet content distribution at Medialink, and we are helping Visceral Media stay ahead of the pack with Online Video Plus. Furthermore, we wanted to be associated with Lidj because he is a recognized thought leader in the PR industry, serving as both a Board Member and Chair of the Website Committee of the Public Relations Society of America’s New York Chapter.”

“Online Video Plus is a game-changer,” said Lidj Lewis, President of Visceral Media. “With its interactive table of contents, it’s as easy to watch a long-form video as a short video because the control is entirely in the hands of the viewer. After all, that’s the fundamental principle of the Internet – control by the user.”

“I am proud to have Visceral Media be the first user of Online Video Plus in the PR market,” continued Lewis, “joining other market verticals using Online Video Plus, which include non-profit educational institutions, such as Jazz at Lincoln Center, and technology and event companies, such as Ultralight Startups.”

For more information on Visceral Media, please contact Lidj Lewis at 914-636-1654 and

For more information on and Online Video Plus, please contact Victor Lee at 914-261-8656 and