Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another giant leap for Apple / Wintel interoperability !!

Because so much of my work these days consists of interacting with colleagues who are much more creative than I, we occasionally run into issues of technical compatibility. For example, they may send me a file in Keynote, while I only use Powerpoint.

My coworkers are quite accommodating of my technical ineptitude when I ask them to convert their Keynote file into Powerpoint, but I do have several concerns - why advertise our incompatibility? why make them do the work - after all, isn't the incompatibility my problem, not theirs? and finally, why broadcast my use of the retrograde Windows system? Some valid concerns; some less so.

In any case, I found a great solution to this problem - Zamzar. For today, I used it to create a Powerpoint out of a Keynote. Tomorrow, who knows? It's so exciting, at least for someone like me who spends way too much time online!

More hints, tips, and possibly even useful advice to come. Watch this space!