Sunday, September 04, 2011

Nominative Creativity - The Band Perry

I love when people challenge convention in clever ways that cause me to look at things in a new and different approach.  Not being much of a music person, I was totally unfamiliar with The Band Perry - in fact, I'm still unfamiliar with them in every way, except that I love their name!

I happened to catch their video on MTV's Top 20 Videos this morning, and I was entranced by the meta-existential name of the band, The Band Perry.

This all started when I heard their song on the show, and I asked my wife whose video she was watching.

She said, "The Band Perry."

I replied, in Who's-on-First fashion, "A band named 'Perry'?"

She said, "No, The Band Perry."

I of course responded, "That's what I said - a band named Perry."

At this point, having had enough of my dumb questions and wanting to watch the video instead, she pointed to the TV, whereupon I saw the title: "The Band Perry."

Since I was more interested in the creativity of their name than their music - although their music did sound quite lovely - here I am blogging about a band and a name that all of you are probably already familiar with.  In any case, this is my first A Ha! moment of the day, which I thought I would share.

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