Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Always Expecting More from My Technology

The phone function on my Palm Pre Plus (with which I am very happy, by the way) keeps track of my phone calls in reverse chronological order. This is often very handy as it allows me to review the calls that I have recently made, since I am keeping a separate phone log (I know, not terrifically efficient) in an Excel spreadsheet.

It would be lovely (not to mention more efficient) if I could also search in the reverse fashion – find a person in my contact list, then get the list of phone calls I have made to them. The contact list feeds the phone log; why can’t the phone log feed the contact list?

Instead, I have to scroll through the phone log on my Palm, saying to myself, “I know I called Santa Claus last week – why can’t I find the call so I can pin down the date of the call and make a note to myself to call him again before Christmas gets much closer?”

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