Friday, October 05, 2007

No Soup for You!

So, I'm wrapping up a 9-day road trip during which I've gone to the InterBike (I have no idea what that name means!) bicycle trade show in Las Vegas, the Podcasting and New Media Conference in Ontario, California (for which I drove 50 miles out of my way to claim a $40 webcam I won in a sweepstakes), the TurnPRon conference in San Francisco, and assorted other meetings. Enough is enough; it's time to go home.

After a long trip, I just want to get something to eat during the 2 hours I'm waiting for my flight at San Francisco airport. Eureka! I spot a little Japanese restaurant as I'm walking to security. I've had a craving for udon soup on this trip - I tried a bowl in Las Vegas and another one in LA. This will round out my epicurean sampling.

I have said from the very beginning that airports are funny animals. There are lots of reasons for this, and one big reason is security, which rears its ugly head and interferes with my culinary journey. Flash of unpleasant insight! Soup is a liquid, at least the last time I checked. I confirm this gustatory tidbit with the helpful clerk - soup is not allowed through security. Someone must have said that Japanese soup can be explosively hot, and TSA took them at their word. On the other hand, the clerk said that sauces are okay. I just won't tell security that the teriyaki tofu is dynamite!