Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Latest Media Device for Workaholics

I tend to be a multi-tasker on my PC and usually have at least six functions open simultaneously - Palm OS, Internet Explorer, Excel, Word, Adobe Acrobat and Visio - with multiple files open for each of those. Therefore, I spend a lot of time clicking back and forth between applications and files. Sometimes I am working on two or more screens simultaneously and have to constantly switch back and forth - cutting and pasting, referencing, etc. It used to drive me nuts - although I was probably already nuts.

I came across a great little device to help me in my manic work style: the Tritton See2: It lets me connect a second monitor through a USB port. Since I am generally using 2 email accounts, I can open one email account on each monitor and just pass my cursor from one to the other. If I am working on a document and need to review reference materials, I open the main document on my laptop screen and the other documents on my auxiliary screen.

This is the best toy I've bought since my Treo 600. While it feeds my ADD tendencies - reading two screens simultaneously - I find that it 's a lot better than toggling among IE windows. I almost feel lost when I'm on the road with my laptop, bereft of my 2nd screen.